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I am proud to announce that googling my name has finally included this website. Google jeffreyclong. There it is at the bottom of the page. Also, you can see that I went to Northwest College, and that I have been a participant in the Seti@home project since March 13th, 2000. And finally, you’ll learn that I participate in discussion groups and forums to get answers to life’s most persistent questions, such as Debian Linux, Jabber, and Church Growth.

As a technologist, I find this stuff really fascinating, and it’s a reminder to us that where we go and what we do and the web is sometimes sticky and could stay with us for a long time. Buyer beware.

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Standing On The Promises

51whFdmHY9L15 years ago, Deana and I learned that we were going to be bringing our first child into the world. Oh how I wish I had this book back then. Deana and I have always parented from the hope found in scripture that there is an endurance of Godly heritage in passing the faith on from one generation to another. In the face of many Christian families whose children had walked away from Jesus, we held on to the scriptures characterized by the verse “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

The implication is clear. We can parent with the hope that God is using us to pass the heritage of faith in Jesus successfully on to our children.

How different this is from the modern belief that our children are individuals guided solely by their choice and providence. No. God has placed them under our care where we can trust that through His power they will persevere in their faith.

As I came into the Mennonite Church, I found a similar hope, especially for young children. In the face of persecutors declaring that by refusing to baptise their infants, the Anabaptists were condemning their children to hell, they turned to scripture and saw that Jesus blessed and welcomed children rather then cursing them.

This book is a wonderful treatise on the scriptural foundation for such hope and the heavy call that God puts on us as parents to fulfill His promises in our family. Neither does it turn a blind eye to the choices our children may make as they grow older. But our culture has turned so far away from the providence of God that we mistakenly believe that hope is only in the individual choices each of us make and in those our children make. This book is a corrective to that notion, centering us back on the hope that God has placed the solitary in families. We are not alone. Our children are not alone. And so they have a gift of spiritual growth that they would not have if they were raised in heathen homes.

I recommend this book to all parents looking for guidance as to the foundation of hope upon which they parent their children. I believe that in our culture of blind humanistic optimism and individualistic Christian pessimism, this is an important topic.

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Alexis’ Baptism


Last Sunday we celebrated my daughter Alexis’ baptism at the pool of some local friends. The event was sponsored by the Ephrata Foursquare Church, one of the two churches we attend, Menno Mennonite Church being the other.

It was a special time for all of us as we shared in Alexis’ celebration and public proclamation of her faith in Jesus. And it was particularly special for me to share in the experience by praying over her and baptizing her myself.

Children are such a remarkable gift from God. And Alexis is no exception. What a joy it is to see her grow in her faith, standing on the foundation laid by Jesus, in the home that Deana and I have provided her, so that she may grow beyond what we could attain, passing her faith onto her own children someday. This is our hope, that Alexis baptism was not only a proclamation of her faith, but that the Kingdom of God grows through families. May God Bless you Alexis.

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Giant Lava Lamp

My town of Soap Lake is trying to build a 60ft. Lava lamp. At first, I thought this was completely goofy, but the more I think of it the more cool I think it could be. viva la lamp. for more go to the official giant lava lamp site. Be sure to check out the official song

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One of the reasons I began blogging was as a means to get a tremendous amount of writings that I’ve done over the year into a manageable form, both for myself, my children, and vainly for those who come after me and may benefit from my neuroticl intellectual pursuits.

A dilema though, has been how to categorize them. Typepad allows the ability to set a bunch of categories that will help manage the info. But what categories?


Unbound Bible

I am a big fan of internet technologies that allow me to centralize my information on the web, rather then on a specific computer. This is because I have had computers need to be completely reformatted more then once, without an adequate backup, and lost valuable information. Also, because, like many others, I am computing from many different locations on different workstations.

One tool I’ve found that I like is the Unbound Bible. While there are many bibles available online, what sets this one apart is its ability to save your own notes to passages you have been studying. This is something that I have been looking for. Again, many desktop Bible programs allow you to type in your own notes. But again, you are bound to that desktop or laptop.

The only potential drawback that concerns me with unbound bible is I do not know yet if I can make a personal backup or if I am at the mercy of Biola. In order for us to make the transition from the desktop to the web in productivity, there needs to be mechanisms for backing up at both levels so that our data is secure. Otherwise we have traded one problem for another.

Check out the site. I think it could be very useful.

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Zechariah Jefferson Long


On July 16th, 2003 Deana and I welcomed Zechariah Jefferson Long into our family. He was born 9 lbs and 19 inches long. Both he and his mother are doing well. While Deana was up doing something I was holding my new son, and brought him close, kissing him on the forehead. I looked up and saw that Deana had caught me… caught me in love, and I said as much to her. I love my new son and look forward to bringing him and his mother home.

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