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Unbound Bible

I am a big fan of internet technologies that allow me to centralize my information on the web, rather then on a specific computer. This is because I have had computers need to be completely reformatted more then once, without an adequate backup, and lost valuable information. Also, because, like many others, I am computing from many different locations on different workstations.

One tool I’ve found that I like is the Unbound Bible. While there are many bibles available online, what sets this one apart is its ability to save your own notes to passages you have been studying. This is something that I have been looking for. Again, many desktop Bible programs allow you to type in your own notes. But again, you are bound to that desktop or laptop.

The only potential drawback that concerns me with unbound bible is I do not know yet if I can make a personal backup or if I am at the mercy of Biola. In order for us to make the transition from the desktop to the web in productivity, there needs to be mechanisms for backing up at both levels so that our data is secure. Otherwise we have traded one problem for another.

Check out the site. I think it could be very useful.

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Zechariah Jefferson Long


On July 16th, 2003 Deana and I welcomed Zechariah Jefferson Long into our family. He was born 9 lbs and 19 inches long. Both he and his mother are doing well. While Deana was up doing something I was holding my new son, and brought him close, kissing him on the forehead. I looked up and saw that Deana had caught me… caught me in love, and I said as much to her. I love my new son and look forward to bringing him and his mother home.

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Today has been spent uploading a family photo (missing my wife who was behind the lens) and playing with all the features to personalize the site. I can’t seem to figure out how to make it so that my amazon wishlist is clickable into the actual amazon wishlist site. Guess I’ll have to do some research. Gads. Amazon has gotten so cluttered that it’s next to impossible to find things on the site sometimes.

edited addendum

figured out the amazon wishlist thing. amazon didn’t make it easy for me though. good thing i’m smart. 😉

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Been busy today mastering the clacal C.D. after first beta made yesterday.

Three main problems I wound up needing to solve. The first was too large of a sonic difference between various tracks. Some were warm while others were crisp. At first listen on my home stereo, I was worried that overall the C.D. lacked hi end, but I believe I’m too acustomed to turning the treble up in my car stereo. After listening on a boom box, I was more certain that the warmer tracks were the ones to be duplicated, and I should put a small shelving EQ on the high end of others.

Second was a problem with levels from one song to the next. This has been solved on 5 songs so far and proved to be a larger problem then the sonic differences as it involves not simple volume changes from one song to the next, but also average volume inside each song, and maintaining the dynamics of the original recording. Spent the most time on “Jesus Christ the Apple Tree,” which I believe is a stellar song.

I benefited from this article on VU Meters in working at levels.

Last issue, which was easy to fix was that the reverb was a little too strong in places. Simply turned it down.

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Part Deux

The day has gone. I have finally finished the beta C.D. of our school’s classical C.D. After the first listen to it’s entirety I am quite pleased, though there are some obvious things to clean up. But, no glaring errors.

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In the beginning

This is my first post on typepad. I’ve used Blogger only a little bit and liked the blogging concept as a means to subject the world to my verbosity. Recently I came into contact with Moveable Type through the website and found it to be far more exciting. Typepad is a more userfriendly version, not requiring the same level of techskills as moveable type.

So… on with the show.

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