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About me

2013-03-23-18.11.482I have spent my life in helping professions, teaching, ministering, and investing in people, and crafting my skills as a performing musician, worship leader and music teacher.

I hold a degree in Pastoral Ministry from Northwest University, and a degree in Education from Heritage University. I am a Washington State Certified teacher. I am a member of Music Teachers National Association.

I have been married for more than 25 years to my beautiful wife Deana. We are the proud parents of 7 children and 3 grandchildren.

I received a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from Northwest University in 1991, followed by a Washington State Teacher Certification from Heritage University in 2004.  My education has served as the foundation for a life-long career in the helping professions as a Pastor and Educator, where I have invested in men, women and children from a variety of ages, ethnic backgrounds, and economic groups.

As the founding pastor of Columbia Basin Mennonite Church from 1992-1997 I gathered a group of people together around the purpose of creating a community that provided emotional, spiritual, and practical support to the residents of Ephrata, WA. In addition to weekly services and midweek small groups in homes, the church had the opportunity to work with homeless and mentally ill residents of Ephrata, shared its facility with the local Spanish Assembly of God congregation and together hosted several multi-lingual services in both English and Spanish.

For 9 years I worked as assistant educator of the Ephrata High School Choral Arts Program. In partnership with the choir director I helped create a contagious program that eventually grew to include one-third of the High School student body. I mentored students in individual and group performances, and helped organize parent and student involvement in productions and musicals. I also supervised the recording and production of five Classical choir and Jazz Ensemble CD’s.

Most recently I have served as a full-time educator. As a state-certified teacher I have worked with a diverse population of students and parents. I have developed curriculum, including writing elementary music lessons, and preparing  Middle and High School Bands and Choirs for concerts. I currently teach 4th grade at Saddle Mountain Elementary School in Mattawa, WA.

What others say about Jeffrey Long

– “Jeffrey is a gifted speaker, musician, leader, and listener.”

– “Jeff works and relates to all people, from all walks of life. He goes beyond the call of duty to help people in all aspects of their lives.”

– “He has a unique talent to connect with youth and adults. I highly recommend him to those seeking someone with creative gifts to reach, engage, and grow a new generation of leaders.”